Mountain biking

There is nowhere better to start than here with us. We are situated directly beside the forest and the vineyards. Whether it be a short, simple route for beginners, families with children, or rather more demanding for the ambitious mountain biker, who seeks the thrill and adventure of the steep inclines - there is a true mountain bike paradise around the Mosel.

We heartily recommend the Maare-Mosel-Cycle path, 55 kilometres along a railway line from Daun in the vulcanic Eifel to Bernkastel-Kues.

Here you can find further information concerning the Mosel cycle path.

You can go with your bikes on the cycle bus to Daun. We will be happy to make reservations on the "Maare-Mosel-Cycle path" cycle bus for you.

There is further information about the cycle bus here and should you need further tour tips or information concerning cycling along the Mosel, just click here.