Termes and conditions

These terms and conditions are valid from 08.11.2013

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all booked hotel rooms and services in Hotel-Café Ernst.
  2. All prices are inclusive prices in EURO and are understood to include service charges and VAT.
  3. Reserved rooms are available to guests from 14:00 hrs. They should be vacated by 11:00 hrs. at the latest on the day of departure. Should the rooms not be vacated on time, the hotel reserves the right to charge further lodging fees, if no other agreements have been made.
  4. We request you inform us should you be arriving after 18:00 hrs.  If an arrival time after 18:00 hrs. has not been expressly agreed upon, we reserve the right to allocate the booked rooms otherwise.
  5. Cancellation of reservations will be charged as follows: - up to 30 days before scheduled arrival date: free of charge - up to 15 days before scheduled arrival date: 50 % of the price - up to 7 days before scheduled arrival date: 60% of the price - less than 3 days before the scheduled arrival date: 80% of the price.
  6. Pets are not allowed in the Hotel-Café Ernst.
  7. For accommodation contracts, along with §§ 701 ff. German Civil Code, the General Law of Obligations and the ruling of the General Rent Law of the German Civil Code are to be applied.
  8. Upon booking according to category, the contracting party purchases the entitlement to a room or premises in that category. The Hotel-Café Ernst is entitled to make a higher category available. As a matter of fact, he does not purchase a claim to the provision of a particular room or premises, if certain rooms or premises have not been expressly agreed upon.
  9. A withdrawal from the contract can only occur in legally viewed cases and also only in agreement with Hotel-Café Ernst, and under consideration of the rules in point number 5 of these Terms and Conditions.
  10. The Hotel-Café Ernst can make any order acceptance, reservation or other such services, which are to be carried out at a later point in time to the basic contract conclusion, dependent upon partial regulation in regard to the settlement of owed amounts.
  11. In principle, invoices are due in cash upon receipt and without deduction of discount. If the total sum of several individual invoices should exceed 250,00€, a cumulative invoice can be issued upon request by the contracting party. The issuance of a cumulative invoice does not release from the obligation of timely payment of the individual invoices. The contracting party may only offset a counter-claim insofar as his claims are irrefutable or legally valid.
  12. In the commonly accessible areas of the hotel, the consumption of brought-in food and drinks is prohibited.
  13. Should the safety of the Hotel-Café Ernst or its guests be endangered by a contract party, the Hotel-Café Ernst may cancel the contract. This also applies in the case of force majeure, if the services of the Hotel-Café Ernst are thus rendered impossible, unreasonable or without any interest for the contract party. Force majeure can be viewed as being unexpected, exceptional conditions, which despite the reasonable diligence expected of the hotel, cannot be averted, namely as:
    • interruption of operations
    • official intervention
    • power supply difficulties
    • strike or lock-out
    • floods and similar natural disasters
  14. The contract party is obliged to inform the hotel immediately of any deficiencies. The Hotel-Café Ernst is also entitled to provide a remedy in such a manner which will furnish a similar or higher quality of compensatory service.
  15. The Bernkastel-Kues District Court is appointed Court of jurisdiction for registered traders, for persons who do not have a general court of jurisdiction within Germany, as well as for persons who move their place of residence to a foreign country after closure of the contract.